Cabin Crew Training Courses

Initial Cabin Crew Training

Duration: each training course lasts around 4-6 months at Flight Training Centre and consists of 3 training sessions.

  • Ground training: The content is in accordance with the following subjects: Aviation Law, Regulations – CAAV, Flight Operations Manuals and Cabin Crew Division Regulations; Grooming (for female cabin crew) and Uniform; Meteorology and air traffic control; Basic aircraft knowledge; First aid; Basic flight safety; Crew Resource Management (CRM); Flight information; In-flight service procedures, DGR, Aviation Security…
  • In-Flight Training: Line training - 16 sector under supervision (on training types of aircraft). These cabin crews do not belong to the minimum operational cabin crews of the flight
  • Final checks: After The completion of 16 sector in-flight training, cabin crew must take one final flight check under supervision by an examiner

Conversion and A/C differences training

Conversion training involves the initial training on an aircraft type for the crew members who have not previously operated or have been absent from duty on one aircraft type for over 12 months.

Aircraft differences training must be conducted when cabin crew are required to operate on an aircraft on which they have already been conducted in an Conversion training course but this aircraft includes some differences from the type on which they have been conducted in their original Conversion training course.

Recurrent Training

Course purpose:
Apply safety equipment/procedures and precise operations for handling all the situations that may occur during flights.

In order to improve teamwork skills between flight crew and cabin crew and combine theory with practice.

Duration: 2 day

Upgrade Training
Business (C) Class Service Training
Purser Training
Chief Purser Training

Refresher Training
Refresher training is applicable for cabin crew that have had an extended period of time away from active flight duties (around 12 months but less than 24 months)


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